If we want to learn about gamification, what best than studying what people that make games? Chris Crawford is a legendary game designer who has come up with this constructionist definition of a game:

  • Creative expression is art if made for its own beauty and entertainment if it’s made for money.
  • A piece of entertainment is a plaything if it is interactive. Movies and books are examples of non-interactive entertainment.
  • If no goals are associated with a plaything, it is a toy. If it has goals, a plaything is a challenge.
  • Finally, if the player can only outperform the opponent…

Controlar a todos las personas que tienen que permanecer en cuarentena obligatoria es una tarea compleja. Simplemente, no existen suficientes recursos para asegurar que cada individuo está cumpliendo con la medida y un sólo individuo que no cumpla puede llevar a un espiral de contagios incontrolables. Tomemos como ejemplo la paciente 31 de Corea, una super-contagiadora que causó que, una estrategia elogiada mundialmente, falle.

Keeping track of subjects under mandatory quarantine is a complex task. There are simply not enough resources to ensure that every individual is compliant and even a single rogue individual can spread the virus in a way that can spiral out of control. Take Korea’s patient 31 as an example, a super spreader that caused a successful, globally appraised, strategy to fail. (more info)

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By now, with cases growing exponentially, We already know that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is defeated with behavior.

We all know how we are supposed to prevent it:

  • Regularly wash your hands
  • Cough on your elbow or tissue
  • Stay in home if possible or if we have symptoms
  • Not touching our faces!

However it is highly probable that you have already touched your face since you first started reading, and you are still coughing in your hand or you still greet somebody shaking his hand without even noticing. Habits die hard!

My job its to design…

A esta altura, con la pandemia declarada y casos creciendo exponencialmente, ya todos sabemos que el coronavirus (COVID-19) se combate con comportamiento.

Todos tenemos clara la información de prevención:

  • Lavarnos las manos regularmente
  • Quedarnos en casa si es posible o si tenemos síntomas
  • Toser en el codo o en un pañuelo
  • No tocarnos la cara

Sin embargo es probable que te hayas tocado la cara desde que empezaste a leer, y que cuando toses te lleves la mano a la boca y hayas saludado con un beso o con un apretón de mano a alguien sin darte cuenta.

While working in Behavior Change product, it’s usual for us to hear:
“I want the user to learn X and then put it into practice.” or “I’ve tried to add an education section where I explain everything they need to know, but they don’t seem to be getting it.” Here is the deal, users won’t read your lengthy text walls. They just won’t.

This forces us to find a way to deliver knowledge required to make the most out of the product. In everyday use, we create tutorials, introduce the complexities one by one and train while using the product…

As a product design agency at Ingenious, we are used to dealing with new technology trends and the design challenges they propose. Augmented reality is not the exception. We have been using augmented reality (AR) for some years now always in the context of a card, a book or anything that the user can get her cell phone camera close to. You all have seen this kind of solution where a 3D model or animation pops out of a picture and begins some interaction with the user.

Design challenges in this cases are related to the content and how to…

Over a year ago Alvaro proposed Ingenious a challenge: How to monetize free WiFi on Montevideo public buses. He wanted to set up a high-speed connection, so you can watch Netflix while you commute, and make it profitable. His answer? Advertising! A significant portion of the population uses the bus system in Montevideo, undoubtedly a lot of companies would love to get their message to them, especially at a time when they are bored. He asked us to design a system so when you connect it would show a video and charge for those views.

We told him it wouldn’t…

One of our latest MVP (minimum viable product) that came out of our product design consultancy consisted of an Uber-like system for veterinary emergency services (Note that the actual project goes far beyond that simple idea). Initial capital was remarkably restricted, under 100 development hours, so we decided to invest them into getting validation proof to raise more money for future development.

100 hours of development hours to create a collaborative economy solution, even when is a barebone one, seems insane. On top of this, we had to create a brand and the UI for the application. …

I posted this article some months ago on my personal site

Since then a lot has happened. Unfortunately, the idea of a government conducting a nuclear strike is no so far fetch now. With silos on yellow alert, I think that this article has become more relevant.

A 23 kiloton tower shot called BADGER, fired on April 18, 1953 at the Nevada Test Site

Last year I submitted an entry for G4C ( “Games for Change”) and n squared nuclear challenge. My proposal wasn’t selected (you can check the winner entries here) so I decided to make my submission public. …

Nacho Parietti

#BehavioralDesign @ingsoftworks. I help you design products that drive user behavior http://www.ingeniousbehavior.com #productDesign #Gamification #adoption

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